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Advice to Someone Starting A New Blog

From time to time, I receive e-mails from my readers asking me for advice. Since I’m a little busy nowadays and I can’t respond to your e-mail as fast as I like, I’ll just post some of the queries here and some of my advice so that other readers will also learn from it.

This e-mail was sent to me by a reader:

hi! i know you’re busy but just the same, i’d like to ask for some tips. i used to have a blogger blog then went to private blogging for personal reasons. however, i’m inspired by how much you were able to earn through blogging.

i’m starting from scratch now, and i made a new website. it’s barely a month old, and i hope you can help me earn from it as well.

my initial plan was to continue blogging until i’m qualified enough to be paid per post, but i sure could benefit from stuff that you know.

Thanks! 🙂

Here’s my reply:


Thanks for contacting me.

I don’t make money online thru paid posting. Though it’s quite tempting coz medyo malaki yung pay-out, I don’t like the idea that if I don’t make a post, I don’t earn money. 🙂

My way of making money online is by hijacking keywords thru SEO. Medyo magulo, but let me explain thru example.

I just research on keywords na malimit isearch sa Google, do some SEO (search engine optimization) stuff on it, wait for the visitors to come and earn thru Google Adsense. An example keyword: friendster skin.

If you search friendster skin on Google, you’ll see one of my blog post on the first page of their search results. Araw-araw, maraming nagsesearch nyan. Kaya araw-araw, kahit wala akong bagong post, may mga bagong visitors ako na naghahanap ng friendster skins. Araw-araw, basta may magclick nung Google Adsense sa post na yun, kumikita ako.

So far, I already have hundreds of keywords hijacked, sending my blog at least 2000 visitors a day. Dyan ako kumikita. I’m not active on paid reviews, kahit wala akong post for a week, tuloy ang kita, coz of the visitors na nagsesearch sa Google where my blog posts ranks on the first page.

Now, siguro, nagtatanong ka. Paano mag-umpisa?

First, you have to make sure that your blog is search engine friendly. This is called onpage optimization. Here’s my post about it.

Second, you need to properly position your Google Adsense ads. Here’s my post about ad placement.

Third, you need to research for keywords to optimize. Here’s my blog post about it.

Fourth, you need to get links to your blog post. The more incoming links, the more your blog post will rank on search engines kasi. Here’s my post about it.

Pagkatapos nyan, just rinse and repeat. Target a keyword every week, continue link building and watch your Adsense earnings grow every day. The result is not that great on the first 3 to 6 months, but once your target keywords started occupying the first pages of the search engines, tuloy tuloy na ang kita. Kahit wala kang bagong post, tuloy tuloy ang dating ng visitors.

Here’s a complete SEO guide which I followed nung nag-uumpisa pa lang ako. Hope this helps.

These are just my advice based on my experience. My experience might be different from yours. If you have something to add, subtract, divide or multiply, comment on!

P.S. Someone is having a writing contest. Click here if you want to win some dollars. 😉

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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