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Challenge MyBrute!

I’ve been planning to blog about this since a week ago, but plurk addiction and procrastination got me, that’s why I am only blogging it now. 😀

I’ve been hooked to Mybrute this past few days, just like other plurkers out there. It’s fun, despite the fact that you cannot control your fighter/brute during the fight. All you have to do is watch them and wish that your brute fight the way you expect him to be.

You might think, where’s the fun in there of not able to control your fighter? I guess, this is the digital version of those spider fights that we used to play when we were kids. You get the best spider out there, and let it fight with other kids’ spider. You don’t control them, you just let them fight on a stick and hope that your spider wins. You enjoy watching them fight, and celebrate when your spider wins. That’s the same feeling when you see your brute wins!

So, do you have your own brute already? Come, join Mybrute and challenge mine! You’ll surely enjoy it. 😉

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. pati ba naman ikaw? ang tanda2 mo na, naglalaro ka pa nyan? hahaha… Cge nga Challenge moko. http://estatiktik.mybrute.com

  2. nakakaadik talaga ang MyBrute! kahit ako ang dami kong nagawang pupils para lang may makalaban ng madami.. ahaha!
    see you sa arena!

  3. Foolish but fun! Hahaha… Please join my dojo >> http://arkhilario.mybrute.com

  4. kayo lang ba? ako rin. hehehe. challenge me also http://can2x.mybrute.com
    try and try until you get a brute with super powers. 🙂

  5. Page 1 already?! asteeg! plug ko lang brute ko..

    challenge mine:


  6. ang lulupit ng brute nyo! ito, isa ko pang brute 🙂 http://kukote.mybrute.com may kasamang aso yan.

  7. naku dadami ang pupils mo nyan! 😀 hehehehe

  8. This is the first time I know mybrute. Matignan nga. ^_^

  9. I thought MyBrute is bastos. hehehe… I haven’t heard that kasi before.

  10. http://nevinthetoad.mybrute.com

    kung gusto nyo ng bear gumawa kayo ng chracrter gamit etong nasa taas:)

    laban din tau:)

  11. nu-bandau.mybrute.com kill me 🙂

  12. Create your brute using the following link:



  13. http://lae68.mybrute.com

    I have a Pet, Scourge (Best weapon in game!) and Cry of the Damned (makes your pets run away!) all at lv. 3

    Try and beat me! Or hopefully you’ll get some of my items from being my pupil.


  14. MyBrute is a flash-based internet browser game. I first heard it from some blogger friends but I just ignored it. Recently some friends from work recommended that I challenged their brute. So I decided to give it a try and guess what? It was fun and a good stress buster 🙂
    Would you like to challenge my brute? Kindly go to http://nu-i-nachuj.mybrute.com/ or http://pimpaliuas.mybrute.com/

  15. Pupil me and hit lvl 2 for a dragon!!


  16. http://run-dll.mybrute.com/

    Pupil me and lvl to 2 for a dragon!!

  17. So how do you get a pet dog, a pet wolf or a pet bear in MyBrute?

    1. First, create a new MyBrute character but make sure that your name uses exactly three vowels. Vowels are the letters A, E, I, O and U. An example is my MyBrute character which uses exactly three vowels – A, U and I. It doesn’t matter how long the name or if you use numbers, as long as there are only three vowels.

    2. Then more important, you must pupil that character under someone that has a pet. You can sign up under my brute because I have a pet dog.

    3. Level up your character until Level 3, which will take you only a few minutes. The pet will appear when you reach Level 3. It will be random, you might get a pet dog, a wolf or a bear. There’s no guarantee which but for sure you will get a pet.

    4. That’s it! Easy and takes only 5 minutes to do. So you can do it again and again until you get a pet bear.

    heres my brute that you can sign up with coz i have a dog pet


  18. hehe late ang comment ko.

    here is my brute : http://makonat.mybrute.com

    I posted some MyBrute Cheats and Tips. Feel free to visit it.

  19. pupil my brute then i pupil you back.
    just put “MH” then the name of your brute.
    Ex. MH-messiah123

    My Brute:
    messiah123.mybrute . com

  20. ung pets ko may bear

  21. icyang.mybrute.com

    weak naman kayo. mga walang kwenta.

  22. masaya to. hehehe! sayang ngayon ko lang nakita tong post mo. I will challenge your brute tomorrow. If you have time challenge mo rin brute ko – http://dkport.mybrute.com/

  23. Great post, hey , pupil my brute and I’ll retribute you later

  24. I’ll just be honest, NO there is no trick to gain a bear or whatever, it’s pure luck except for the start itself

    the game does calculate how much chance you have to win against your MASTER.

    If he or she’s got a bear, chances are that you will get one yourself.

    Like I said, I’m honest, so take a look at my name. I created around 800 characters myself and now I have around 10 characters with a bear at level one.

    So try me and let me know if you got a bear before level 4 (don’t bother after that level, just keep trying untill you got one)

    Here’s the brute you will have to challenge in order to increase chances


    good luck

  25. Trimond Jay S. Palaganas

    mga noob may hypnosis na nga talo parin fight me at my acount lets see what you got at http://www.trm0nd.mybrute.com at ung 0 sa trm0nd hindi yun letter “O” “zero” yun …

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