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Twitter Applications And Tools I Use

Just a list of Twitter apps / Twitter tools I use with a little review from me. I use all of these on my Twitter account.

1. Twitterfox – This is a Firefox plugin. Good for checking tweets without visiting the Twitter page. Simple installation. Good for small followings, but if you are following thousands of people, use the next application.

2. Tweetdeck – A twitter application that uses Adobe Air. Easy manage your followings. You can group them anyway you want. Have a column for your family, a column for your friends, a column for your online buddies, etc. You can reply and shorten URLs within this application. And now, it is even available for iPhone!

3. Tweetlater – Schedule your tweets at a later time. You can also create a welcome auto-direct message when someone follows you. You can also automatically unfollow people who unfollows you. They have recurring tweets feature, but you have to pay for it. If you don’t want to pay, use the next application. 😉

4. FutureTweets – Schedule a one-time tweet, or recurring tweets for free. You can schedule tweets daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Set it and forget it! Tweets are posted as scheduled. This is the one that tweets for me while I’m sleeping. 😉

5. TwitterFollower – The twitter application by John Chow. You can mass unfollow people who doesn’t follow you back in a click of a button. I used this twice, then it went down for 2 or 3 days (can’t remember exactly). When it went back online, the mass unfollow button seems broken. 🙁 So, I used other options I listed below.

6. Tweepular – The ultimate follower management application. See the list of people you follow, people who follow you and you follow back, people who don’t follow you back and people you don’t follow back. You can mass follow and mass unfollow in a click of a button. I use this most of the time for unfollowing people who don’t follow back.

7. Mutuality – Another twitter application for doing mass follow and unfollow. I used this when I can’t use Twitterfollower and Tweepular. Free unlimited use for accounts with less than 1800 followers or followings. For big accounts, only limited for 3x use. I only used this twice.

I’ll be adding more on this list if I found some more Twitter applications worth blogging about. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Wow Marhgil… I was looking around for some twitter tools and you posted something like this. How did you read my mind? lol

  2. I have to say na effective yung binigay mung tip kuya marghil on making money on twitter. Nakabenta ako through twitter nung isang araw.haha. I have to tweak lang my products more and of course, add more followers. haha

    share your tips pa sir marghil in the future! God bless! 😀

  3. Thanks Marhgil!
    I’m having some difficulties with that twitterfox, hundreds pa lang eh ang hirap na. I will that tweetdeck and follow your advice.

    Try ko yang ibang twitter tools pag ok na tweetdeck.

  4. i have been using betwittered and other twittter applications installed on my gmail, esp when twitter is blocked.

  5. thanks for the apps! we’ll try to use them very informative!

  6. thanks a lot … ma gawa ku nga.. hihihi

  7. Great list there! I never thought of these. Now I gonna try and use them to boost my twitter followers. thanks a lot.

  8. How will I purchase twitter profit house if i don’t have any address in US. how did you purchse it and How much??? i am very interested in using it… pls reply

  9. i downloaded tweetdeck but it can’t be used in our network. twas blocked along with my twitterfox. but twittergadget worked fine. i will try no. 4, 6 and 7.

  10. how did you fare with tweetdeck? I was interested but did not install it because I hear a lot of feedback saying the Adobe Air in tweetdeck is resource-hugging. It slows things down.

  11. We have a very very very strict IT in our office. Most sites cannot be accessed. They are using websense to filter a lot of websites. You cannot check social networking sites, job sites, even yahoo and gmail. Oh I just don’t know how can I blog and socialize in the internet now.

    Good thing the URL of my blog was not banned. I can still post. But with the work load that we have, I only have a small amount of free time to blog.

  12. I also recommend Flastweet for mass follow. There are actually 2 features, first is to follow the followers of a certain Twitter user (you have to enter the twitter username) and then you can follow people who twitted a certain keyword which you have to enter also.
    You can follow 100 people with just a single click and about 20 seconds. 😀

  13. Hey Marhgil thanks for the list.

    i have totally been missing out on the this stuff. I have been using Tweepular which is an awesome tool. Makes managing your followers much easier.

    The rest have flown right by me. So will have to check them out. The one that sounds most appealing is FutureTweets. Setting stuff up, then leaving it to do it’s thing is sweet 🙂

    Thanks again

  14. Thanks a ton the tools which you mentioned are really helpful ….

  15. i am so sick of twitter!!!!!!!

  16. Me too, even i am also obsessed with twitter.

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