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Mercury Drug’s Suki Card

This happened last year at a Mercury Drug store near Makati Medical Center. The doctor prescribed me lots of medicines for the hypertension I was having that time. I was not feeling well and even worried about how much I needed to pay for the medicine. Then, this happened:

Mercury Drug staff (after reading the prescription) : Sir, may suki card kayo. (Sir, do you have a frequent customer card?)
Me: Huh? Sa lahat ng tindahan, ayokong maging suki nyo! (Huh? Of all the stores, I don’t want to be your frequent customer!)

Yeah. I just blurted that out without thinking. And my wife (girlfriend then) just laughed at me. The Mercury Drug staff just smiled.

But really, why would I want to be a suki (frequent customer) of a drug store? Who wants to be sick all the time, right?

Anyway, since I’m diabetic now and I have no choice but to buy medicines every once in a while, I already have a Mercury Drug Suki Card. But really, if I have a choice, I still don’t want to be their suki. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Onga naman. Pero, ano kaya mapapanalunan mo in case you score some suki points ano? Libreng dextrose?

  2. hi marhgil, been a lurker here for the past few months but couldn’t help commenting when I read that you are also hypertensive. Is it also because of stress? I also work for a japanese company and work at the IT department, just like you. I also developed hypertension, and I attribute it to work related stress. Anyway, I wish you a stress free life and I better health and thanks for all the tips you share here, I really learn a lot!

    By the way, each suki point you earn can be converted to a 1 peso discount on your next purchase. i often redeem my suki points when I notice that it is already more than 50pts, a 50 peso discount is not bad right?!

  3. @Jay Castillo… actually, my hypertension was caused by my eyes. nanlalabo na pala kasi, hindi ko alam. when i started wearing eye glasses, nawala na hypertension ko. daming tests na ginawa sa akin to know the cause, yun pala, mata lang. 🙂 thanks for the suki points tip!

  4. Sounds rude but hilarious!
    Bawal nga naman magkasakit… bawal ding making suki ng Mercury Drug!

  5. ha ha, funny. I wouldnt want to be their suki as well. pero sayang din yung 1 point for every 200.

    re your hypertension: my husband din is diagnosed. and he is complaining ng sakit sa ulo and yun nga he needs glasses. we are getting one this weekend. hopefully, mawala din hypertension nya pag nagsalamin 🙂

  6. hypertensive din ako since aged 16. Pero I don’t know kung ano talaga ang dahilan bakit my ganon akong sakit. Iisa lang ang alam ko, both my parents are hypertensive too.

    And since 2001, I was already a suki of Mercury Drug with a Suki Card because every month I buy plendil 2.5 before Adalat 5 for my maintenance. But until now, wala pa akong nabili sa points ko from the Suki Card.

  7. haha nacapture ng Akismet ang first comment ko dahil sa pag mention ng medicine… akala siguro ng Akismet spam comment un

  8. Galing #4 kagad sa Google: Mercury Drug Suki Card 🙂

  9. I am also using Suki Card and never ko pang naredeem kasi di ko alam converted pala sa discounts yun hahaha. Hypertensive din ako Brother kaya lahat ng bawal, “bawal” talaga.

  10. dapat pala i-apply ko ng suki card si lola dahil suki siya ng Mercury Drug for st*lnox (shhh!). Naalala ko tuloy, may funeraria yung pinsan ng mom ko and yun daw ang negosyong mahirap ihanap ng suki. hehe

    and about dun sa panlalabo ng mata, nakaka-cause pala yun ng hypertension? kinabahan tuloy ako bigla.

  11. You need to lose weight and have an active lifestyle. ‘Yan ang best defense sa diabetes. A friend was on Metformin for almost a year already when I was able to encourage him to join a gym.

    Now, he’s still diabetic (it’s a lifestyle disease and never goes away), but his doctor already took him off Metformin and has been taking no maintenance for two years now. He remains active at the gym and gets tested only every six months.

  12. hehe may point ka.. onga naman yoko rin maging suki ng mercury drug. cguro ok lang kung suki lang ako ng vitamins nila hehe

  13. im sure naloka ung staff ng mercury drug, buti na lang polite sila. siguro naalala nya may high blood ka. 🙂

  14. “But really, why would I want to be a suki (frequent customer) of a drug store? Who wants to be sick all the time, right? ” – hahahha! U made me laugh! Oo nga naman, sino bang gusto maging suki ng Drug Store? hehe 😛

  15. I lost my suki card with about more than a hundred points. Isn’t this card computerized?
    Why is it that you cannot issue another card with the same Number? Why can I not redeem
    or continue my earned points? Ang pangit naman nang systema ninyo sa Mercury Drugs
    parang lokohan yan!!!!!!!

  16. Nagtataka lang ako sa ilang tao dito. Bakit ayaw ninyong maging suki ng isang drugstore like Mercury Drug just because hindi kayo madalas bumibili ng gamot? Eh di ba may grocery yung most branches nila (e.g. Monumento, TriNoma, Glorietta branches, etc.)? =D

  17. ngayon ko lang nabasa ung “suki kard” he he late na pero tawa ako ng tawa my hypertension din ako at nakakaloka pero parang bumaba yata ng mabasa ko yong page mo he he he ok na yng bp ko bumaba na sa katatawa. salamat po!

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