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Guerilla Bloggers, Please Stand Up and Testify!

Are you a guerilla blogger? Are you one of those people who started a blog after reading our guerilla blogging e-book? Are you one of those bloggers who changed their way of blogging and started guerilla blogging after reading the e-book? So, how was the experience? Did you make money online? Did you receive your Google Adsense payment already?

Atty. Diaz and yours truly are planning to release an updated version of the guerilla blogging e-book this October. We plan to add a “Testimonial” section on the e-book, where we will feature testimonials of guerilla bloggers who followed the first e-book and became successful. A space on that e-book, with your testimonial and a link to your blog will give your blog more exposure. As long as that e-book exists and being shared online by people, they will discover your blog.

What to do? Blog about the guerilla blogging e-book and how it helped you make money online. Send a link to your testimonial at marhgil{at}macuha.com together with your picture and we will add them on the e-book. Basically, we will not copy the full testimonial, just a snippet of it and a link to your blog post so that e-book readers can visit your blog to continue reading it. I’ll accept testimonials until September 20, 2009 only.

So, what are you waiting for? Blog na, now na! 😉

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. FIRST! Yes, I have read the Guerilla Bloggers book and is very helpful for me when I started to blog. I gratefully thank you Marghil for this ebook. I Marghil Macuha has a post “The Car that Adsense saved”, I too will have one… “The pregnancy that Adsense funded”… 🙂

  2. Pag nakuha ko na ung first adsense money ko, gagawa ako ng post about dito. 😉

  3. Sorry, I have not read your ebook, but I am intrigued now though. Thanks!

  4. Hello sir. Marhgil, I have read your Guerilla Bloggers and its very helpful for me specially on finding the right keywords. thanks! Pero I have a question on back links techniques. I just want to ask you if you have already experience on your blogger blog being marked as spam? kasi sir I saw your textmate blog and tons of links pointing here at macuha.com. Sa totoo lang po Im doing just the same as your techniques kaya meron akong wantusawa blog alike 😉 but it was marked as spam last night. Meron po ba kayo pwedeng ipayo?huhu

  5. uy Ian preho tyo, ako naman the family brought together by blogging. nkauwi ako ng pinas from working as factory worker for 2 years. i can now say im earning more than working as an ofw, astig di ba? mas malaki kikitaing pera sa pinas! all thanks to that guerilla blogging ebook and this blog of sir macuha! thanks a lot po!

  6. Nabasa ko na yung e-book and it realy helps alot talaga, bweno nais ko rin share my story talaga.. I see Mr. Marghil Macuha once had posted “The Car that Adsense saved”, my version to it… “My Schooling and tuition fee dues that Adsense funded”… Hope to finnish studies soon, through the big help of your e-book a guide to new bloggers making money online. I will be soon posting my testimonies earning more money online soon on my personal blog just after graduation in collage! As of today my online income always reserved to pay my shool fees and dues.

    Calling all Filipino blogger’s to help our country representative to win and bring home the crown and title of being 2009 Miss Universe. Just make a post “Vote for Miss Philippines as Miss Photogenic at Miss Universe 2009” and all we need is your influence in the blogosphere to help our Miss Universe representative.



    here’s my post im talking about:

  8. Bai libre ba ang book? If not where the post that explain about this

  9. Hi Marghil, I read your guerilla bloggers ebook. In fact, I gave a copy of it to a friend who want to learn about SEO. Very good points you’ve got there.

  10. wow! i hope makasama ako dito..
    i blogged about this ebook last may 2009 pa and here’s the link if ever hindi mo pa nakita:

    good luck sa next project on making an updated version of the ebook!

  11. Yippee! Nakagawa na din ako ng akin. Check nio po sa link ko. Sana makasama ako sa new version ng ebook nio. Salamat!


  12. present talaga si sir ark kahit saan ah, anyway po im here to support mr. macuha ebook, have my entry about it here nga eh.


    more power, proud to be Filipino

  13. lalong nkaka inspire mg blog dahil d2 sa book sobrang dami ko natutunan khit bago plng ako sa blogging. hopefully mgkaron ako ng post regarding d2.. tnx sir marhgil and zigfred..

  14. Never have an experience to get any money online, only buy some stuff on line. That is it.
    E-book are useful and free. sometimes i click ads for the provider to get money in return.

  15. Hey…I really like your blog…have bee reading on guerilla blogging and I am hooked! Thank you for creating such a helpful blog!

  16. that is really hard to get money online

  17. I wasn’t really able to exhaust the e-book that you have provided before Sir Macuha, but at least, I was able to implement some of your techniques to my blog, which I should say are very effective as far as my blog stats are concerned as compared to my blog stats prior to your techniques implementation.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward for the updated version of your ebook. Kasi nga naman db, we know that as time passes by, search engine optimization techniques evolve, and so do Google.

    Sana free na naman ang ebook mo Idol Sir Macuha, ha!? hehe. 🙂

  18. send me the seo book man it’s been a week since i subscribed don’t keep me f****ing waiting man.

  19. planning on implementing your blogging tips ngaung bakasyon; gusto ko na tlga kumita! yeah~ =D

  20. nabasa ko to.dito ko nalaman yung SEO friendly theme na tinatawag.hehe.mas me kwenta e-book na to kesa sa ibang 2 pages lang.thanks po.

  21. This is a bad day for me. I am accused of posting spam messages across Top Pinoy Blog sites. Nagulat ako nung nalaman kong nakareport na ko sa Adsense Team, di ko man lang alam ung issue. I am the victim of some jealous, sadly Pinoy din (kasi alam nya pen-name ko), who’s trying to destroy someone’s life. I am sad kasi kung alam lang sana nya kung bakit ako nagbblog. I have two kids, and expecting another one this October 2009. The money I earn is just enough to cover my wife’s hospital expenses. I don’t know what I’ll do if my Adsense account do get banned. Hayyy… Email nyo naman ako.. [email protected]

  22. Hello, I’m also from Philippines but this is the first time i heard of the guerilla blogger book. Making a post and getting your blog exposed is a good offer. Will give this gerilla blogger book a try and will read it so i can make a post with it. Thanks for the info!

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