Dumbledore Is Gay

That’s the big news on Harry Potter world , J.K. Rowling revealed that Dumbledore is gay. So what? Well, knowing that Dumbledore is gay, rereading the book will be more entertaining.

CPA Licensure Exam Results For October 2007

Since visitors are flooding this blog searching for CPA Licensure Exam Results for this month (they are landing on my old post), I think, it’s best for me to post where they can actually get the list.

How NOT To Use Powerpoint

I saw this video by comedian Don McMillan while browsing Youtube. It’s comedy, it’s funny, but it’s true. I’ve seen so many Powerpoint presentations and most of them fall on one of the presentations he described, especially during thesis defense. (I’ve been a panelist for some thesis defense during my … Continue reading

Maximize Your Earning Potential On Widgetbucks

Since I already have 29 Widgetbucks referral, I think, it’s best for me to share what I’m doing that despite having a non-shopping niche blogs, I am still earning from Widgetbucks. So far, I already earned $54 on this since I joined, excluding the $25 signing bonus. So, that’s already … Continue reading

Create A Google Adsense Story Video And Be Featured

Now, that is something you might want to do. Imagine, thousands of people are subscribed to Google Adsense official blog. If your video is featured, it could be seen by thousands of readers and could generate additional traffic.

Say Goodbye To Duplicate Contents

Does duplicate content penalty really exist? I don’t know, but most SEO experts say it does. It could send your page to supplementary index. So, let’s avoid having duplicate content. First of all, what are duplicate contents?

More On Widgetbucks: When Do We Get Paid?

Since Widgetbucks only started this month, nobody received a payment yet. According to their Terms Of Use Article 6. b, “Mpire will pay Publisher Payment for the previous month’s activity within forty-five (45) days of the end of each month, subject to a monthly minimum of U.S. $50.00.” So, what … Continue reading

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Housemates

I watched the “Red Carpet” premier of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 last night. I just wanted to know the celebrities who took the courage entering the Big Brother house. Here is the list of the celebrities who entered the house.