NetAudioAds Will Start Playing Ads Tomorrow

Today is January 31, and if NetAudioAds stick to their plan, you’ll hear a 5-second audio ad on this blog starting tomorrow. The ad will be played on your first visit, and will be played further after every 3 minutes if you’re going to refresh the page.

5 Useless WordPress Plugins

These WordPress plugins are useless in my opinion. They might be useful to you, but they do more harm than good to me, that’s why I’m not using them. Harm? They give my server extra thing to do which will not help me anyway. I’m not linking to them because … Continue reading

Optical Illusion: This Dragon Illusion Is Amazing

Wow! Is this true? A 3D dragon looks at you and follows you wherever you may go. His head moves up or down, left or right. But the truth is, it is simply standing there, not moving, it’s just our mind is being tricked by this amazing optical illusion.

Changes On My RSS Feeds

I installed the feed footer plugin on this blog so that I can give the download link of the free SEO e-book to my subscribers easily.

Official List Of Philippines Bank Codes For Paypal

Ok, finally, Paypal released the official list of Bank Codes of major banks in the Philippines. No more guessing games. I need to make this paragraph a little longer because the table below becomes invisible. So, hopefully, this one makes it visible now. Hehe. Here they are:

Paypal BDO Bank Codes And Some Ramblings

Ramblings first. I’m absent at work today. Stupid LBM. I don’t know which caused it. Is it the Lemon Square bread and Pepsi Max at Shell SLEX? Is it the Potato salad or the Tuna Fettuccini at World Chicken Glorietta? Or is it the buttered pop corn when I watched … Continue reading

Paypal Withdrawal To Philippine Bank Accounts Now Available!

Just a quick post. I just want to blog about it. Got this news from PinoyMoneyTalk. Paypal withdrawal to Philippine bank accounts is now available! I checked my Paypal account and it’s true! Yey! More details soon. Still trying to figure out how to do it.

Remove The TinyURL In Twitter

If you are on Twitter like me, you already know that it automatically converts your long URL twits to TinyURL link. Now, here’s a little trick you can do to link directly to your blog post without Twitter converting it to TinyURL.

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

If you visited this blog around 6:00 PM yesterday, you were probably greeted with a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error page or a WordPress error page.