Papago! Philippines Review

Papago! Philippines app costs $34.99 on Apple App Store, approximately P1,500 on the current exchange rate. But is it worth the cost? I purchased and installed it on my iPhone about 6 months ago. So far, it works as intended.

Testing the WordPress iPad App

I recently bought an iPad 2 on the Apple Store. It took more than 2 weeks before it arrived but it is all worth the wait. It has an engraving at the back.

Moving Batangas Today To A New Dreamhost VPS

Before, I never bothered optimizing my VPS on Dreamhost. As long as I can post on this blog and I can pay the money corresponding to the memory usage every month, I didn’t really focus on it. If traffic increased, all I have to do is adjust my memory resources … Continue reading

Trojan Horse Generic19.TKU On Plants Vs Zombies and Bejewelled 2

Last September 20, AVG’s update detected the Plants Vs. Zombies‘ exe file to be containing the Trojan Horse Generic 19.TKU infection. AVG automatically moved the PlantsVsZombies.exe file to their virus vault, causing the Plants Vs. Zombies to be unplayable. This is also true to the Bejewelled 2 games.

Unlimited Ebook Downloads For Your iPad

Are you looking to download ebooks so that you can enjoy reading it on your iPad? With myPadeXpress, you can download thousands of types of books such as novels in a range of genres such as bestsellers, classics, mystery, thriller and romance. You can also download hundreds of superhero action, … Continue reading

Dota 6.68 Map Download

There’s a new Dota map you can download on the internet! It’s now available for download!

Block Porn On Your Computer

How do you block porn on your computer? That might be the question in your mind right now since you landed on this blog post. Here’s how: use a porn-blocking software.