Local SEO: My Side Of The Story

Someone’s link baiting. I’ve read his blog post yesterday. I should have let it go. But it kept me sleepless last night. Nice link bait man! He is telling people I’m fooling newbies on my post: Localized SEO. Ok, I’ll bite the bait. Now, let me defend myself. (Update: 11/15/09. … Continue reading

Johnny’s Increase

So, little boy Johnny got a promise from his dad. If he performs well in school this year, gets high grades, he will be awarded an increase in allowance next year.

Don’t Block The Driveway

Warning: Rant alert. I’ve ranted about this on Plurk, but I think it’s better to rant about it here. At least, I make money while ranting. 😀

Eraserheads Reunion Concert, Wazzup?!

It’s already August 22. 8 days before the scheduled Eraserheads reunion concert. And still, we are wondering how can we really get the free tickets.

Banco De Oro’s Internet Banking Support Sucks!

Why? Because it took them more than a month before they were able to merge my EPCI e-banking account and BDO e-banking account. Their website says that the turn-around time for this request is only 3 to 5 days, but due to reasons unknown to me, it took them more … Continue reading

Paypal BDO Bank Codes And Some Ramblings

Ramblings first. I’m absent at work today. Stupid LBM. I don’t know which caused it. Is it the Lemon Square bread and Pepsi Max at Shell SLEX? Is it the Potato salad or the Tuna Fettuccini at World Chicken Glorietta? Or is it the buttered pop corn when I watched … Continue reading

My Cebu Pacific Experience

Everytime I go to Davao, I always go there via Cebu Pacific. I have no problem with them on the first 3 flights that I had, that’s why I’m surprised of the hassles I experienced on my last trip.

Acer’s 5 In 1 Card Reader?

You’ll see it on their laptop specifications. They have a 5 in 1 card reader. I haven’t used that one before, until last Saturday. And what did I discover? It’s not a 5-in-1 card reader for God’s sake!

I Missed 1 Vs 100 Because Of Heavy Traffic!

Due to heavy traffic, what used to be a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Manila to my hometown in Batangas became a tiring six-hour drive! Yeah, it happened last Saturday, when we left Ortigas at around 4:30 PM hoping to reach Batangas at around 7:00 PM just in time for the premiere … Continue reading