Google Adsense and P!nay $candal

Last October, 2007, I started a SEO campaign about P!nay $candal. It was a success, with lots of bloggers joining the campaign blogging about it. Some people are even messaging me up to these days if they can join it.

The Car That Google Adsense Saved

Four years ago, I took a car loan at Equitable PCI Bank, now BDO, to buy a brand new Toyota Altis. Down payment came from the money I saved while I was in Kuwait. My father agreed to help me on my monthly payment, he sent me Php 5000 every … Continue reading

The Three-Digit Zeroes

Based on experience, the hardest part on trying to make money online by SEOing your blog is on the initial stages. Because you don’t see results immediately.

How To Change Your Google Adsense Font

You can now change your Google Adsense font, that’s what the latest from Inside Adsense. You can now select from default Adsense Font family, Arial, Times and Verdana.

Global Translator Plugin And Google Adsense

I actually thought that all of those languages on Global Translator Plugin are supported by Google Adsense since it uses the Google Translate engine. Unfortunately, my thought was wrong. Maling akala. Thanks to Silkenhut, he noticed that not all languages there are supported by Google Adsense, so I have to … Continue reading

Online Interviews Here and There interviewed me last October. The interview is all about blog growth. According to them, this blog ranked sixth on their list of their Philippines Top 100 blogs. Ms. Janette Toral sent me the questions via e-mail and I sent her my answers. You can read the interview here.

Google Adsense In Google Analytics Is Coming Very Soon!

The official Google Adsense blog recently announced that Google Adsense will be finally integrated to Google Analytics. They are gradually rolling it out to publishers. They say that we’ll see an invitation link on our Adsense accounts once this feature is already enabled for us. I checked my Google Adsense … Continue reading

Meet Doogle!

We’ve always wanted to have a pet dog. So last Sunday, we’ve decided to search for one. Our initial plan was to check first for the prices of the puppies and we’ll buy one when my August Adsense payment arrives.